Preservation Strategies

Temperature Control To minimize the risk of deterioration, I developed a simple preservation plan that can prolong the life of a collection. Temperature control is the most critical component in the preservation of ANY collection. Proper balance in temperature will prolong the life of all collection materials. Extreme temperatures, direct sunlight and moisture can cause major damage, an... Continue Reading →


Collection Retrieval

Collection This collection was donated to me nearly a decade ago. The archives were found abandoned in a small crawl space underneath the stairwell of an unoccupied house that was being renovated. I received a telephone call regarding the material and immediately made time to accrue the collection. Once I obtained full access to the... Continue Reading →

Who was Elnorah Huff-Williamson?

Elnorah Huff-Williamson was a Chicago showgirl that performed at Club DeLisa and Roberts Show Club on the Chicago's South-side in the 1950's. Ellnorah Huff-Williamson  (A Chicago Chorine at the Club DeLisa)   Club DeLisa   Club DeLisa Elnorah was born Elnorah Huff, she was born on August 5, 1932, in Chicago, (U.S. Census Records) to the parents of... Continue Reading →

The Club Delisa~ 1938-1958

History  The Club was owned by four DeLisa brothers, they were of Italian decent.  The Club DeLisa was legally established in 1934-1958, prior to 1934, the club operated as a speakeasy on the Chicago's South side. The DeLisa brothers operated an illegal establishment during the prohibition. The illegitimately selling of alcoholic beverages, cock-tailed with gambling... Continue Reading →

Americas First Gay Community

The Jewel Box Revue   Somewhere around the 1950's While surveying the collection of Elnorah Huff-Williamson, I came across a Jewel Box Revue Program. Doing more research, I was able to pin point its origin, which was speculated to have been founded in 1939.  However, based on primary records, its physical inception indicate 1942 in Miami,... Continue Reading →

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