Who was Elnorah Huff-Williamson?

Elnorah Huff-Williamson was a Chicago showgirl that performed at Club DeLisa and Roberts Show Club on the Chicago’s South-side in the 1950’s.


Ellnorah Huff-Williamson  (A Chicago Chorine at the Club DeLisa)



Club DeLisa



Club DeLisa

Elnorah was born Elnorah Huff, she was born on August 5, 1932, in Chicago, (U.S. Census Records) to the parents of late Samuel Lewis Huff and Capitala Fanny Huff.  She attended Wells High School on the North side of Chicago, she graduated in 1950.  Upon graduation, Williamson enrolled in the Chicago School of Dental Nursing and worked as a showgirl at Club DeLisa. Elnorah graduated dental hygienist school on April 20, 1952.  (Records in Harsh Collection)

Dental School Commencement



On October 10, 1952, she married Robert L. Williamson; out of this union, two daughters were born. Sharon Capitala Williamson, May 9, 1953 and Cookie (?) Williamson July 20, 1954. (first name of daughter not clear, cookie could be a nickname)

New Doc_21 (1)

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Williamson


DeLisa Chorines


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Roberts Showgirls


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  1. Hi, I did not get your name at the Chicago Airport, but I am very glad that we spoke and you put me on to this. I still think that it would make a great book, especially with all of the pictures you have and an introduction by Dick Gregory. Lots of luck to you in your new position and life. I hope you can find out more about her and be able to contact family members.
    Best, Leon Glicenstein


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