Collection Retrieval


This collection was donated to me nearly a decade ago. The archives were found abandoned in a small crawl space underneath the stairwell of an unoccupied house that was being renovated. I received a telephone call regarding the material and immediately made time to accrue the collection. Once I obtained full access to the material, I was grateful that the collection fell into my hands and not disposed of. Prior to my handling of the collection, I am uncertain of the amount of time the collection sat un-bothered. Based on the condition of the collection, it is evident that the collection was unkempt.  The items were not in any particular order, majority of the items were chaotically stowed in a large black garbage bag and approximately seventy five photos were stored in a shoe size brown box.

Once opened, the items inside reeked of a musty odor, the old photographs carried a strong moldy scent.

(The items appeared to have been improperly stored and unprotected) The rest of the collection is in excellent condition, with the exception of the crumbly Chicago Tribune newspapers. These items have been exposed to the constant temperature changes of its environment of warm, hot, humid and cool conditions. This uncontrolled environment triggered and expedited the growth of mold and brittleness.


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